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Is there lye in my soap? :0

The art of soapmaking involves using fats/oil, water and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda - NAOH/lye) which is created by running electricity through salt water. 2Na+ + 2H2O + 2e- = H2 = 2NaOH. The caustic properties of the lye are eliminated during the soap making process and over the curing period, leaving no lye in the final product - the soap. Lye or potassium hydroxide are needed in order to make soap.

Lye is also used to prepare olives, peeling of fruits and vegetables, chocolate and cocoa processing, soft drinks processing, thickening of ice cream, hominy, pretzels, lye rolls, century eggs and noodles. Lye also occurs in nature and in the 19th. century it was made by filtering water through hardwood ashes. (We use food grade lye.)

We "superfat" our soaps - this means that we use more oil than it is needed to utilize all the lye in the process, leaving additional oil in the final product for an extra moisturizing bar of soap.

What is saponification/saponified?

When a lye and water solution is mixed with oils, SAPONIFICATION takes place, which is the chemical reaction which splits natural fats/oils into fatty acids and glycerin producing pure soap (3 parts soap and 1 part glycerin) which is very high in glycerin ( a rich humectant priced for its ability to moisturize the skin.) The glycerin produced in commercial bars is sometimes extracted to be used in other beauty products, making the bars harsh and drying to the skin. They are often made with lower quality oils, animal fats and petroleum by products; some are called cleansing bars because they have detergents and are not just simply "soap".

How are they made?

Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches with high quality vegetable oils, botanical extracts, spices, clays and essential oils. They do not contain any artificial colorants, fragrances or animal fats. We mix the water, lye and oils until they trace, add spices, herbs, grains, leaves, french clays or essential oils depending on the soap, and then pour them in their molds creating swirls, etc.; then we cover the molds with blankets, "tuck them in to incubate" for 24 hours. After the soap is taken out of the mold the big reveal occurs, it is hand cut into bars, the edges are beveled on some of our soaps, and they are stamp imprinted with our logo then left to cure and harden for at least 4 weeks. We then inspect each bar and wrap them.

** For a longer lasting bar, lay it on a fully draining 

container between uses. We sell some 

wonderful soap dishes made in US!


• Made with over 50% olive oil

• Biodegradable & Eco-friendly

• Wonderful for shaving (men & women)

FREE of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colorants, and fragrances

• Made with sustainable oils

Made from SCRATCH - cold process (no melt and pour "glycerin" bases are used.)

The difference is in the ingredients!!!

Made with luxurious oils, exotic tropical butters, aromatic herbs, spices, cleansing clays, mineral rich salts, essential oils, a lot of love, a little music and much care and pride.