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Natural Artisan Soaps

Blue Green Salty Kiss

(Spirulina & Sea Salt)

Rich in minerals, a gentle soap.  Spirulina is believed to be one of the richest sources of antioxidants, a true super food.

Mermaid's Delight (French Green & Red Clay & Kelp)

Kelp is rich in nutrients, mineral and proteins. Put all its goodness in your bath or shower today.

Himalayan Sea Salt & French Red Clay

Deep Cleansing clay and himalayan sea salt loaded with minerals. A soap full of treasures and gifts from the sea. This soap feels so amazing; you will want to shower twice!

Testimonial: "Recently I was in the hospital. I have multiple sclerosis and always break out when I am in the hospital despite bringing special soap, astringents, acne creams, moisturizers, etc. This time all I needed to bring was a bar of your soap. My skin was great. Some of what I am ordering is for friends and family, because I definitely want to share your great products. " - Oak Lawn, IL

OUR PLEDGE TO YOU: We disclose all ingredients so you can make informed decisions that can affect your health.


• Made with over 50% olive oil

• Biodegradable & Eco-friendly

• Wonderful for shaving (men & women)

FREE of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colorants, and fragrances

• Made with sustainable oils

Made from SCRATCH - cold process (no melt and pour "glycerin" bases are used.)

It's a beach spa day everyday!!!

Made by the sea with luxurious oils, exotic tropical butters, cleansing clays, kelpmineral rich and sea salts, algae, essential oils, a lot of love, a little music and much care and pride. 

Ocean Series