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Natural Artisan Soaps


• Made with over 50% olive oil

• Biodegradable & Eco-friendly

• Wonderful for shaving (men & women)

FREE of parabens, phalates, sulfates, artificial colorants, and fragrances

• Made with sustainable oils

Made from SCRATCH - cold process (no melt and pour "glycerin" bases are used.)

“In 2000 I developed rosacea. My face would turn red whenever I exercise, when it was hot and even when I blowed dry my hair (I used to have to put cold coconut milk, damped cotton pads on my cheeks while drying my hair to avoid it.) I also started to develop small little bumps under my skin. I tried every “gentle”, “medicated”, “hypoallergenic” product/make up on the market and nothing worked. I then decided to try to control the chemicals I put on my skin and started making “melt and pour” base glycerin soaps thinking that it may help, adding oatmeal and some natural ingredients until I realized I really had to go totally back to basics and learned to make cold process soap from scratch, the old fashion way, if I wanted to totally control the ingredients that I put on my skin. It was very empowering to take matters into my own hands and it was pretty amazing  as this worked for me, I haven’t had any flare ups in years - and the bumps are also gone. (I am not claiming that by using our soaps you will have the same results but it is part of my routine - soap is just meant to clean! I do strongly believe that cutting the chemical soup  I was putting on my skin had a lot to do with it so I also use jojoba oil as a make up remover and moisturizer and do not use liquid make up.)  (Always consult your physician if you have any skin conditions and are not sure if you should use a certain product.)

After years of research, due to my rosacea, I realized that some companies were not  listing all the ingredients they used in their products and that the “policing” of cosmetics is an impossible task.  That is why we pledge to you to disclose every ingredient used - no trade secrets. It is much more important for us to provide you with a product you can use with peace of mind knowing exactly what ingredients are in it, what was used to make it, and how it was made.

I loved the soaps so  much, I wanted to share them with family and friends and everyone wanted more and wanted to buy them to share with their friends. I found myself making lots of soaps, and realized that people needed and wanted to be empowered - plus they said their skin felt amazing. I used my graphic design and photography experience and passion to design and create the labels, etc. and the final products all made from scratch - 12 years ago, our soapery was born. (formerly Elle-ements Soaps - same quality, all natural products.)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
We may not have all the answers but will answer honestly.”

Thank you for your time and for visiting our website.

"I realized that some companies were not listing all the ingredients" "That is why we pledge to you to disclose all ingredients so you can make decisions that can affect your health."


"In 2000 I developed rosacea. I tried every gentle, medicated, hypoallergenic product/make up but nothing worked."

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